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Memory Updating

Memory tools using leading-edge neuroscience to help with PTSD and phobias.

Binaural Beats Generator

A brainwave entrainment tool to help with PTSD and phobias.

Dynamic Visual Noise

This is a memory tool making use of recent neuroscience discoveries to help with PTSD and addictions.

Impact of Events Scale

This self-scoring scale can be used before and after a rewind technique or dynamic visual noise exercise for trauma to check if use lowers the score. It is derived from Weiss and Marmor's Impact of Event Scale-Revised and is used by permission.


Weiss, D.S. & Marmar, C.R. (1997). The Impact of Event Scale-Revised. In J.P. Wilson, & T. M. Keane (Eds.), Assessing Psychological Trauma and PTSD: A Practitioner's Handbook. (pp. 399-411). New York: Guilford.
Weiss, D. S. (2004). The Impact of Event Scale-Revised. In J. P. Wilson, & T. M. Keane (Eds.), Assessing psychological trauma and PTSD: A practitioner's handbook (2nd ed., pp. 168-189). New York: Guilford Press.

PTSD Prevention

This eLearning lesson focuses on preventing PTSD using game animations.